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sounds like my luck: I have something I would like to point out. People keep complaining...


I have something I would like to point out. People keep complaining that with the whole “Clara bursting into a million pieces to save the Doctor” thing is something RTD would never do, and Moffat is killing the show, blah, blah, blah. Here’s the thing- RTD did do that, with Rose, and in a slightly…

So I haven’t done any outward ranting but you’re missing a few things that I think is what’s upsetting some people. MAJOR SPOILERS BELOW!

So you’re generally right in that the doctor mostly doesn’t notice Clara. They say this outwardly and you can see that at best he only gets a glance at her. She does talk directly to the first doctor and convinces him to take a different Tardis. This was my first problem because it means the only reason he has it is because of her. Up until now they’ve always made it out to be that he CHOSE that one, like it was special or something.
When Rose “became” (or whatever you want to call it) Bad Wolf, She only scattered clues to the doctor for when he would need them. She never placed herself across his timeline. I also always assumed this was more the Tardis taking these actions rather than Rose herself but I could be wrong.
Another problem I had was Clara “saving” the doctor. Was Clara only limited to saving the doctor from the great intelligence or did she help him in other times of need? Looking at the death of the tenth doctor for example. Since she pretty much dies (almost!) every time to save him anyway could she have pushed the button and gotten hit with all the radiation? I understand some of the doctors deaths were more unavoidable and I’m by no means an expert on classic Who but just from these recent series it seems like she could have rewritten more than just what the great intelligence did.  While I won’t go so far as to say it’s a plot hole I know I’m either going to have to make up my own answer or just move on.
I think what old Who (and some current ones) have a problem with is that Moffet thinks he’s entitled to change whatever he wants. Things like giving the doctor a name (even though we don’t hear it and probably never will), giving him a wife despite all past love interests from any era (I’m saying this even though river is easily in my top three characters), and in many ways trying to ignore as much of the previously laid ground. 

I want to say that I actually liked the episode but ever since Moffet has been writing I just find it harder and harder to keep watching for reasons very similar to these. I feel so sorry for Matt Smith because while he has a huge fan base as is, I know there are many others like me who honestly can’t take much more. It’s a shame for him because through the whole episode and many others I think he does an amazing job as the doctor. That being said I think that the Moffet haters years from now will say they didn’t like the 11th and it won’t even be his fault. Again these are only the things I noticed and my opinions on them. I don’t pretend to be an expert on who or a master story writer

Failure is success if we learn from it.

Not a whole lot to report today. I did my running, here’s the breakdown:

Time: 24:54 (Yay! finished under 25 minutes)

Calories: ~275 I can’t remember the exact amount.

Distance: 2 miles

I was hoping to get further, faster but its easier to plan great goals than it is to achieve them. I made an island in UDK a little while back and just worked on it today. I’ll probably upload pics of my work tonight or tomorrow.

Action without vision is wasting time

I’ve decided to make a blog that can generally be about anything, but that I want to be about self improvement in any sense. I’ve started to change things about myself and maybe putting it out there for other people to track will help me keep up with it.

First off I’ve started trying to spend my free time learning rather than playing games, or nothing! I’ve also been trying to diet and lose weight (mildly unsuccessfully I might add). I’m going on a vacation next week so I won’t be able to exercise nor will I be spending my time studying or working on a project but I’ll still try to post updates and you can be sure that once I’m back things will continue. My plan for posts is to talk about anything I’ve learned or worked on and how much I exercised (if I did at all).

Tonight I plan to spend most of the rest of the night watching Unity tutorials and trying to learn about it for an upcoming game project. I did exercise today already. I was on the treadmill for 25 minutes, for a total distance of 2 miles and 255 calories. 

I hope that not only I succeed at my goals, but that I can inspire others to try to do something they otherwise wouldn’t do. I’ll have to include pictures and other things to make my posts a bit more interesting

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